My days in Purnia

My days in Purnia this time are numbered. I came for a few days but I cannot stay even for a week. My maternal grandfather is I’ll so my parents and I have to move to Dankuni back again. What to do?

As memories of my childhood flush back and looks at me through my grown up face, there is a quiet yearn for my childhood days. My unckes and aunts whom we have missed come back as a storm in my memory. It is like a strong wave crashing through the shores. O how I miss my people. All my prayers go out for them.

As I came to Purnia, my eyes searched the doors and gates of my neighbours, all known faces, some new, but all wonderful. We have such beautiful conversations here, all day from morning till night. Conversations of Swami Vivekananda, motivational talks and many guided conversations which are very healthy. My uncle has also come down from Jodhpur. He is also taking part in his business dealings and friendships here. I have friends here too, mostly married. Well, I’m not married yet, so pressure of not getting married, catches on.

I need to stay focussed, but I love that my friends are married and have children too. Oh! I’m an aunt. How lucky! I love the way my friends veer the conversation about my life to a very positive space. It deals with specially economic independence which I don’t have. It’s all my doing. After leaving my job after 4 months in Chennai, I barely took to writing. Leaving my job was a Big mistake. Big, in capital letters.

What to say now! After spending a few years of pondering, I opened my first blog at wordpress. It’s a helpful site. So, I’m still dealing with it. I’m taking one step at a time. Blogging becoming my passion slowly and steadily. I love to write and mostly, my writings are targeted in fashion. So I know the nitty gritties of working in fashion journalism although I have no education in the field.

So, some hot tea greeted us at Purnia. Here, thankfully my internet is working. My house looked up at me and I felt taller than before, although my height stopped increasing a few years ago. That time doors seem to fit and buildings seem smaller than before. It has happened to me.

So, of all the positive conversations and visiting friends, I have become a little more happier than before. While writing this, my mind veered or diverted towards the song sung by Ed Sheeran, Happier. Nice song, silly people all happy. I end this chapter on a happy note this diwali.

Happy reading!

Appliqued T-Shirt-How to wear

Me and my fashion diaries


The appliqued sequin parrot on my new Promod t-shirt is fantastic. Just a small addition to a long blue tshirt and voila, it is done. It looks so pretty. When I was taking the photo, I was thinking about different poses which would add to the look. I chose the sitting down pose because you get the whole picture with it.

I am wearing a Promod tshirt, blue Levis denim and block heeled sandals. I completed my look with a pair of Levis wayfarer and yellow circus ballerina nail paint from Colorbar.


The look is amazing, I paired the look with wayfarers because it was hot and sunny outside. It looks so cool that I can’t wait to explore your comments.

Now, see how I collaged the look. A blue long tshirt from any brand looks perfect with trousers, denims or shorts. For the shorts look, I would recommend a…

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The summer sailor look. Ahoy!

Me and my fashion diaries


The summer sailor edition of Me and My fashion diaries will tell you a little about sailor style and fashion. Well, let us start. Sailor stripes as we call it is basically blue or red stripes used by the navy. It is fashion because Chanel used it in its Cruise 18 show. Wow, What a breathtaking show it was. It can be seen on you tube though. I’m not exaggerating. The clothes of Chanel were full of stripes, the colour blue was prominent with caps and all. Roomy palazzo and short skirts filled the ramp. A giant ship was ready for cruise, all in this one show. How I loved it all.

So, in this blog you will get to see how I have styled a Promod sailor striped tshirt with shoulder detailing with a cap from Venice and blue Levis denims.

These pictures show you how to style a…

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